Adoption. For the child's best interest.

Adoption law is the area of law that deals with the rights and responsibilities of parents and children. Every state in the United States has a different set of laws in place that govern adoption, so it’s important to consult a lawyer before pursuing an adoption plan. Parents who are considering adoption may have several questions, including: What are the legal requirements for adoption? What does it cost? How do I choose a good adoption agency? What rights do birth parents have? We can help. Contact us today for a Virtual Consultation.

Child Support

Learn the ins and outs of California's child support laws.

Child support is based on the policy that both parents are obliged to financially support their children in the form of ongoing, periodic payments after divorce following the end of the parent's marriage. The laws concerning child support in the State of California are unique, so feel free to contact us for guidance and advice regarding this important obligation.


Divorce Mediation

Latest articles about Divorce Mediation.

With the help of a neutral mediator, divorcing couples can try to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement using divorce mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process. There are lots of good reasons to consider using mediation when you’re going through a divorce. Here you will find great articles from our Family Law experts on Divorce and Divorce Mediation.  Woodman Garcia-Sepulveda Law has been serving clients in California for over 20 years, contact us today for a Virtual Consultation.

Domestic Violence